For peace in Bosnia

               Dangerous job - peacekeepers in Bosnia

               Members of the American negotiating team have lost their
               lives on Igman Mount, and this is yet another in the series
               of accidents taking place throughout the war in former
               Bosnia-Herzegovina. Members of the negotiating missions,
               peace mediators, diplomatic representatives, officials,
               employees and soldiers of the United Nations are often the
               target of attacks of the warring sides.

               In view of the fact that the representatives of the
               international community have most often traveled to Sarajevo,
               the major number of incidents and attacks was recorded in and
               around this city. Incidents in Sarajevo were often coinciding
               with the time of visits of the representatives of the
               international community which is leaving place for doubts
               that some of them were not random occurrences.

               On the road across the Igman Mount, where the Americans have
               lost their lives, several months ago a similar accident has
               happened. In mid-March this year, in a road accident nine
               French soldiers have died and four were injured, while their
               vehicle overturned and crushed into the abyss.

               This road, linking Muslim part of Sarajevo with the other
               territories under the Croat-Muslim federation control, is
               often used by the members of the peace forces. It is a
               mountain road which is not secured and its use depends on
               weather conditions.

               Near Sarajevo, a fire baptism was also experienced by other
               negotiators. Peace mediator of the European Union for former
               Yugoslavia Carl Bildt, during his very first visit to
               Sarajevo experienced this "baptism in fire". Bildt was shot
               at on two occasions, at the moment when he was leaving
               Sarajevo. The UN officials did not give precise data as to
               from were the shots were fired and who had done it. Recently,
               fire was opened on the car of Xavier Solana, Spanish
               diplomate when he came to Sarajevo.

               The fate of the soldiers of the peace forces is a special
               chapter of this dark chronicle. From the beginning of war in
               former Yugoslavia, according to the official data, a total of
               164 members of the peace forces have lost their lives, and
               over one thousand was wounded. Serbian side is underlining
               that not one peace keeper was killed by Serbs and neither has
               anyone perished in the territory of the Republic of Srpska.

               Eric Moro and Frederick Mode were the first members of the
               UNPROFOR to be killed in former Bosnia-Herzegovina. According
               to the official reports, they were killed from a Muslim
               ambush in Sarajevo on August 8, 1992.

               In early September the same year Muslims have shot down an
               Italian helicopter in the region of Konjic. No one of the
               helicopter crew, which was carrying humanitarian aid, has

               Muslims have also on June 1, 1993 near Novi Travnik, killed
               and robbed Fabio Moreni and Guido Pulti, drivers of the truck
               and the same fate had befallen Paul Gudak driver of the UNHCR
               who was captured by Muslims on June 28th in Zenica and later

               By the end of 1992 Philip Maurillion was forced to protest
               with Alija Izetbegovic because of the attack on the UNPROFOR
               Command in Sarajevo. The artillery attack on the Command
               headquarters was continued two days in a row.

               During his visit to the site on Dinara Mount, Croat forces
               have attacked the Commander of the blue helmets for the
               Sector South Roistislaw Kotil and his associates. The
               peace-keepers because of the strong artillery fire were
               forced to throw themselves on the ground and remain there for
               40 minutes.

               In May 1994 the Commander of the peace forces in Bosnia,
               British General Michael Rose was also attacked. Sniper fire
               missed Rose by 15 centimeters only and this at the moment
               while he was talking with two Serbian soldiers. Serbian
               soldiers immediately lied down and general asked them why
               they have done so. Instead of the answer they asked him why
               he did not do the same and Michael Rose replied: "I am a
               general and no one should be allow to shoot at a general".

               Further to the attacks, the blue helmets were losing lives in
               traffic accidents but also in mutual disputes. After the
               investigation, the UN officials in February this year
               reported that one of the Finish observers was killed by his
               colleague from Nigeria. On the body of the Finish captain
               found on the banks of Drina river near Rogatica, traces of
               violence were found and it is assumed that death was caused
               by a blow on the head with a blunt object.

               Two French "Mirage" aircrafts were hit by mistake with two
               100 millimeter missiles near the base of Canadian blue
               helmets in Visoko in January this year. In the shelling no
               one was hurt and one truck was destroyed and a civilian bus.

               Nikola Trklja