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Source: BosNet Fri, 26 May 1995 From: Nermin Zukic

Some of the dead

``I consider this the worst night in the three years of war in Tuzla," city Health Director Kasim Muminhodzic said.

U.N. spokesman in Tuzla, Captain Sultan Barbar, confirmed the nationalist Bosnian Serbs had shelled the city and the U.N.-controlled airfield for 90 minutes on Thursday evening.

``I don't know exactly how many people were killed and wounded in the city but I won't deny there were a huge number of casualties... We assess this was a retaliation for the NATO air strike on Pale today. They (the Bosnian Serbs) have been targeting us and the town of Tuzla tonight.''

"This was the worst thing I've ever
seen in 10 years of television news."

"We have unconfirmed reports from the scene of 65 persons killed and 115 wounded,'' said Captain Myriam Souchaki, a U.N. spokeswoman in Sarajevo.

``It was chaos when the shell landed and people fell on the ground all jumbled together,'' said Semil Kusturica 29, one of the wounded. ``I thought everybody was dead, that nobody had survived. There was blood everywhere, people moaning. It was terrible.''

The Thursday attack on Tuzla, where at least 71 people were killed and 150 were wounded, the U.N. described as an act of ``mediaeval barbarism.''
``We have unconfirmed reports from the scene of 65 persons killed and 115 wounded,'' said Captain Myriam Souchaki, a U.N. spokeswoman in Sarajevo.

"Carnage, total carnage," said Reuters cameraman Wayne Lovell.

U.N. sources in Sarajevo said the figure was given to U.N. military observers by staff at Tuzla hospital, but they were unable to confirm it themselves.

``Carnage, total carnage'' said Reuters cameraman Wayne Lovell. ``This was the worst thing I've ever seen in 10 years of television news. Worse than Somalia and Iraq or anything else in Bosnia. I saw 10 dead bodies piled in one spot.''

Contributed Damir Kapidzic - Tuzla
This is first unofficial list of persons killed in senseless shelling of northern Bosnian city of Tuzla. Many of those killed could not be recognized, as they bodies were mutilated. Term ``Z"ensko'' indicated a female person who identity could not have been established, term ``Mus"ko'' has same meaning for the male persons found.

Of 133 persons wounded - 33 are considered to be in critical condition.

1. Z"ensko
2. Z"ensko N.N. - 20
3. Hasanovic' Senad, sin Mes"e, rodjen 09.03.1969. Zagreb
4. Ramic' Fahrudin, sin Miralema, rodjen 02.04.1961. Vlasenica
5. Z"ensko
6. Mustac"evic' S"aban, sin Avde, rodjen 1969.
7. Mus"ko
8. Beganovic' Adnan
9. Bakalovic' Asmir
10. Z"ensko
11. Z"ensko
12. Djapo Amir, sin Zenjila
13. Djuzel Amir
14. Z"ensko N.N. - 23
15. Memic' Edisa
16. C"ajic' Sanja, kci Mije, rodjena 1977.
17. Rekic' Nedim
18. Vukovic' Mustafa, sin Rizaha, rodjen 1972.
19. Mus"ko N.N. - 6
20. Ahmetas"evic' Edina, rodjena 1974.
21. Mehinovic' Amira
22. Kantor Frano, rodjen 1971.
23. Slijepc"evic' Asim, sin Izeta
24. Kalesic' Sandro, sin Dine, 1992.
25. Mus"ko, vjerovatno zvani "Hodz"a"
26. Z"ensko - ex u 23,50 sati
27. Mehanovic' Sulejman
28. Kurbas"ic' Damir
29. Tadic' Ilinka
30. Z"ensko N.N. - 25
31. Mehmedovic' Edin
32. S"is"ic' Ahmed, sin Nihad, rodjen 1975.
33. C"ekic' Amir, sin S"ac'ira, rodjen 29.01.1974. Srnice Gradac"ac
34. Okanovic" Indira, kci Muhameda, rodjena 1980. Tuzla
35. Bos"njakovic' Ilvana
36. Alispahic' Admir, sin Alije, rodjen 15.03.1971. Srebrenica
37. Rosic' Jasenko, zvani Jasko - "Zvjerka"
38. Bojkic' Damir, rodjen 1967. Tuzla
39. Mujic' Samir, rodjen 1966.
40. Ramani Raif, sin Alinafija, rodjen 1972.
41. Jahic' Almir, sin Kasima, rodjen 1977.
42. Z"ensko
43. Mujabas"ic' Azur - N.N. - 4
44. Vantic' Azur
45. Z"ensko N.N. - 14
46. Z"ensko N.N. - 3
47. Salamovic' Senahid, sin Ibrahima, rodjen 1969.
48. Mus"ko N.N. 15
49. Hakic' Hamdija, rodjen 1947.
50. Stjepanovic' Petar, sin Save, rodjen 1970.
51. Alagic' Elvis
52. Atikovic' Lejla
53. Mus"ko
54. Mus"ko
55. Hidanovic' Alen, rodjen 13.12.1975. Tuzla
56. Dedic' Zada, kci Hilme, rodjena 17.12.1974. Tuzla
57. Kurbegovic' Vanja
58. Z"ensko
59. Hrustanovic' Hasan, sin Hamida, rodjen 20.01.1970. Kriz"evic'i Zvornik
60. Hadz"ic' Ago, rodjen 26.06.1975. Tuzla
61. Z"ensko
62. Mus"ko
63. Milic' Adrijana
64. Samir N.N.
65. Fatus"ic' Muris
66. Murselovic' Elvir

(The following is excerpted from Refugees International Srebrenica Report)
Commentary: The Safe Areas: "Born to Lose"?
As I arrived in Tuzla, the driver turned to welcome me to his hometown, "the best place in the former Yugoslavia," where Serbs and Croats still reside harmoniously with the Moslem majority, despite over three years of siege by the Bosnian Serbs.

Tuzla is also a UN "safe area", although that didn't stop the Serbian shell which killed 75 and wounded over 120 just a few weeks ago. The people here are struck by the fact that the shell generated almost no news or interest in the outside world. But then, they are accustomed to making it on their own. It is not for nothing that the official symbol of Tuzla is the goat -- bright, feisty and stubborn, just like its denizens.

Following the killer shell, outdoor establishments are not allowed in Tuzla, but on a sweltering early evening before the 9 p.m. curfew, I sat with friends along the outside wall of a tree-shaded little cafe. At the next table were two blondes, as elegant as any two women at any other European cafe. But the dusk curfew curtain fell on us and the rest of the city all too quickly. As we left, Ray Charles was singing"Born to Lose" -- especially appropriate if you happen to live in a UN "safe area."