[Image][Image] [Image][Image][Image] [Image][Image][Image] documents United peace forces arrested a long and very tragic war The head of the Yugoslav delegation at the peace negotiations in Dayton, President Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia, said at Belgrade Airport on 22 November that the objective of our delegation's journey and negotiations was peace and that this objective has been achieved. In addressing the high government officials and journalists who came to welcome him, President Milosevic thanked them for their warm welcome and stressed that a just peace has been achieved in Dayton for all peoples of the region, as a basis for stability, cooperation, equality of nations and people, observance of human rights, humane development of the region and conditions which are to be created and utilized in the future. President Milosevic said that "the whole programme has been practically realized in Dayton, because all of the documents making up the future peace agreement have been defined and adopted", and he added that in deciding on a large number of documents, the Yugoslav delegation voted only in two cases on the basis of majority, pursuant to the agreement. "In all other cases, including the new constitution, decisions were made unanimously", said the head of the Yugoslav delegation. Milosevic stated his opinion that the Yugoslav delegation has undoubtedly managed, together with the other parties, to consolidate all of the main elements which should determine and define the future relationships, and in the first place, establish a full and final peace. "I want to say that it was undoubtedly seen in the example of these peace negotiations that all peace forces in the territory of the former Yugoslavia and all peace forces of the world today, including - I feel that it must be said - the crucial role played by the host country, the United States of America - managed thus united to arrest the long, very tragic war which has been raging in the region", said President Milosevic. "Such peace forces include all of those who had been consistently advocating - in all parts of Yugoslavia and here in Belgrade - from the very beginning of the Yugoslav crisis and from the very outbreak of the conflicts, a negotiated settlement of the crisis, and who when the hostilities began, saw peace as the only way out, certainly not military clashes", stressed the head of the Yugoslav negotiating delegation. President Milosevic said that all of them should feel that they deserve credit for the peace achieved at the negotiations in Dayton. "It is now time for our whole country and the region as a whole to concentrate on economic recovery, risen living standards, cultural development, opening up and integration into Europe and the world. I'm sure that our country and all of its citizens will take the advantages they have, the chances and opportunities at their disposal, for the good of all citizens of this country, and in the interest of all countries and peoples of this region", said President Milosevic. TANJUG -------------------------