A Review of the Movie Savior


Dusan Jovic

Savior (1998), USA 1998 Color
Certification: USA:R
Distributed by: MANGA FILMS S.L. - Spain / Budua Productions
MPAA reasons: Rated R for strong violence including brutal war atrocities, and for language.
Directed by Predrag Antonijevic
Cast (in credits order):
Dennis Quaid
Nastassja Kinski
Stellan Skarsgaard
Written by:
Robert Orr
Production Design by:
Vladislav Lasic
Produced by:
Joe Bruggeman
Naomi Despres
Molly M. Mayeux(associate)
Scott Moore(associate)
Oliver Stone
Janet Yang
Other crew:
Marc Fishman .... dialogue editor
Jon Kuyper .... production executive

An Oliver Stone Production. Starring Dennis Quaid. I believe he is a famous actor. Well, he is as far as I am concerned. I live in Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia. The director of the movie is from this country. His name is Predrag Antonijevic and this is his first Hollywood film.

If you ask me what is the movie about. Is it an action film? No, it is not an action movie, it is a true movie. It starts in France, but it takes place in Bosnia and Croatia in 1993. It is the first movie I saw where no side participating in Bosnian conflict (war), isn't being favourised. It says as it is. Nobody is innocent except civilians. Very emotionally strong, and somewhat cruel. You will see a story of an American that lost his family. After avenging, he found a new family. The French Foreign Legion. He lost his identity and got a new one. He got a new family. They don't fight for any flag, or politics... They don't favourise any party, or any country. They fight for honour.

After getting a commando training Dennis fights across the world. After Africa he decides to fight for something he believes in for a change. Next thing you see: Bosnia 1993. He is a sniper, you can see him in a uniform with a sign on the uniform, "Garda Republike Srpske". I think that is exactly what was on the uniform. Unfortunately I couldn't stop the movie in the cinema to be sure of exact words. Anyway he is fighting for Serbs. That is the beginning of the movie, and a bit of a plot.

The movie shows that, unlike medias in the States or in parties participating in this war that spoke different things and blamed it all on other sides or foreign mercenaries, all three sides were involved the Muslim, Croats and Serbs did as equal crime. None side (army), was innocent. All three sides killed innocent civilians, recent friends and neighbours. The story in the film follows the destiny of young Serbian girl that had been captured by the Muslim and raped for many times. She is pregnant, and Dennis Quaid helps her.

Watching this movie made me realize why should war criminals be prosecuted. They shouldn't be able to avoid the persecution by the legal authorities just because they followed orders. You always have a choice. The film has a moral, the future is in our children, our offsprings.

I tried to locate the film in the cinema listing of Baltimore. I couldn't find it. I suppose it is too early for film to appear in american cinemas. The world premiere was in Spain in the middle of april, and a premiere in Belgrade was on May 1st. I have seen it on May 8th. I went to an early show 5pm and had been disappointed to see less then 10 people, myself included, in the audience. I suppose more people came to later shows. Of course I didn't go to the better cinema to watch but to an ordinary one.

If you wan't to see how lucky you are for not being there in that time and to see that your lifes are great, than see this film. And remember keep an open mind, though this is quite true (all true) what happened it is only a movie. It was shot on location in Montenegro, it is republic in Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY), and the war scene is well reconstructed. Keep up the fate and never give up.

If you see this film email me your comment and opinion what ever it is. Though I live in Belgrade, Serbia, I am neutral, and I have no prejudices whatsoever. I have some relatives and friends in Croatia, I haven't kept in touch lately.

My email is dusanjovic@writeme.com.

My homepage address is http://surf.to/dusanjovic.

Some of you might think that I haven't written this well, it is my first time, hopefully not the last. Watch this film without prejudices and remember, not all people are the same.
Dusan Jovic
in Beograd