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[Note: the following is from the Final Report and Annexes of the Commission of Experts]
200. The incident finally selected for in-depth investigation was the mortar shelling of a soccer game in the Dobrinja suburb of Sarajevo on 1 June 1993. The investigators interviewed several witnesses on the Bosnian side, and also reviewed the crater analysis produced by UNPROFOR. Investigators were unable to interview witnesses on the Serbian side.

201. On the basis of the investigation it is reasonable to conclude that:
(a) Two mortar shells landed at the soccer tournament at approximately 10.30 a.m. on 1 June 1993;
(b) Thirteen persons were killed and 133 injured by the shells;
(c) The shells were fired from the Serbian side, approximately 300 m south of Lukavica barracks;
(d) The weather was clear and sunny with good visibility;
(e) The area where the shelling occurred was exclusively residential;
(f) The game site could not be seen from the Serbian side because it was surrounded by apartment buildings, but the cheering could be heard at the front line;
(g) No projectiles had landed in the area for several months.

202. On the basis of the above factors, it is reasonable to conclude that a prima facie case exists that persons on the Serbian side deliberately attacked civilians and, therefore, committed a war crime. With the information available, it is not possible to identify the probable offenders at present.