Only peace is victory

               President Slobodan Milosevic:

               Dayton, 21 November. The President of Serbia and head of the
               Yugoslav delegation at the negotiations about Bosnia said
               after the peace agreement had been initialled that in a civil
               war as the one in Bosnia, there can be no winner, that all
               are losers and that only peace is victory.

               In addressing all those present at the peace agreement
               initialling ceremony in the Hope Hotel at the
               Wright-Patterson Air Base near Dayton, President Milosevic,
               as the first among the three heads of delegation, said:

               "Thanks to the successful outcome of the Dayton negotiations,
               this day will be recorded in history as the day on which the
               war in the territory of the former Yugoslavia ended.

               In a civil war like this one in Bosnia, there are no winners
               and there can't be any. All involved are losers, and only
               peace is victory.

               The solutions reached here imply painful concessions made by
               all parties, but without such concessions, there couldn't
               have been any success here and peace would have not been

               That is why no party should show regret over the concessions
               made by it.

               As of this day, the war in Bosnia should be left to the past,
               while peace and future cooperation, understanding and
               economic and cultural development should step on the scene in
               this region.

               I would like to take this opportunity to stress that the
               Federal Republic of Yugoslavia will carry on promoting
               cooperation and development on equal terms, as persistently
               as it has been struggling in the last few years for peace and
               equality in this region, in the best interests of all
               countries and peoples in the region.

               Mr.Christopher, I would like to express my gratitude to the
               people and government of the United States of America, to its
               President and the American negotiating team headed by Richard
               Holbrook, and to yourself, for the big efforts put in by the
               USA towards the achievement of peace, and also my expectation
               that the USA will take part in the implementation of the
               agreement in the same way as it has been contributing to its
               being reached.

               I would like to thank the representatives of the Russian
               Federation and the representatives of the European Union, for
               their constructive cooperation.

               I would like to give special credit to the people in the
               Wright-Patterson Base and the citizens of Dayton for their
               warm hospitality and the support they have given to the
               success of the negotiations."


               Message addressed by Slobodan Milosevic to the citizens of
               the FR of Yugoslavia concerning the successful outcome of the
               Bosnia peace negotiations
The War's Over The President of Serbia and head of the Yugoslav delegation at the peace negotiations in Dayton, Slobodan Milosevic, said that the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been put to an end at last with the conclusion of the peace agreement. President Milosevic's message reads as follows: Citizens of Yugoslavia, we have certainly made you sincerely happy by achieving peace at the negotiations in Dayton. They lasted a long time, but I think that the outcome is suited to such negotiations. I wish the citizens of the Serb Republic a successful Serb Republic and I wish them peace and cooperation with the Muslim-Croat Federation. The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been ended today for good. Not only because this agreement covers all items of the peace plan, but also because an accurate border has been set at last between the Serb Republic and the Muslim-Croat Federation, so that any military action aimed at any territorial changes would be pointless and it would be treated undoubtedly and exclusively as an act of terrorism. Therefore, the war's over. We should all now turn to peace, construction, economic recovery. We have spent much time in the last few days on the question of maps precisely. I think that these maps are much, almost incomparably better than the Contact Group maps. Let me begin from the west: of the territories lost, the territories of the municipalities of Mrkonjic Grad and Shipovo have been returned to the Serb Republic, and then going to the central part in relation to the Contact Group plan, Ozren and Doboj, Modricca, Derventa, Brod, Shamac and Brcko, and in relation to the eastern part, Visegrad, Srebrenica and Zzepa, so that in my opinion, these maps make up a fair solution. All parties undoubtedly had to make also serious concessions. However, it is quite certain that all of the concessions made cannot be compared with the result achieved. The result is peace not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in the whole region. The whole region is now in a position to concentrate on its own development. In conclusion I want to tell you that a United Nations Security Council resolution suspending all economic sanctions against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has been put into the adoption procedure precisely now. This resolution is a comprehensive one. Namely, the sanctions will be suspended immediately, and they will be lifted formally after a specified period of time. However, with regard to the character of the regime, there is no difference between suspension and lifting. What is involved is only an appropriate procedure associated with the relaxation of tensions and easing of the armed clashes in Bosnia. I am expecting of our whole country, which is now free of the restraints which have been disrupting very much our economic and social development as a whole, to take a course to economic recovery and successful development. Our next objective is a successful economic and cultural development, integration into Europe and the world, equality of the nations and people in the region, equality and cooperation in the best interests of all. I wish to convey on behalf of the delegation of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in Dayton, Ohio, best regards to all citizens of Yugoslavia - said President Milosevic in his message addressed to all citizens of Yugoslavia from Ohio. [Image][Image] [Image][Image][Image] [Image][Image][Image] documents United peace forces arrested a long and very tragic war The head of the Yugoslav delegation at the peace negotiations in Dayton, President Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia, said at Belgrade Airport on 22 November that the objective of our delegation's journey and negotiations was peace and that this objective has been achieved. In addressing the high government officials and journalists who came to welcome him, President Milosevic thanked them for their warm welcome and stressed that a just peace has been achieved in Dayton for all peoples of the region, as a basis for stability, cooperation, equality of nations and people, observance of human rights, humane development of the region and conditions which are to be created and utilized in the future. President Milosevic said that "the whole programme has been practically realized in Dayton, because all of the documents making up the future peace agreement have been defined and adopted", and he added that in deciding on a large number of documents, the Yugoslav delegation voted only in two cases on the basis of majority, pursuant to the agreement. "In all other cases, including the new constitution, decisions were made unanimously", said the head of the Yugoslav delegation. Milosevic stated his opinion that the Yugoslav delegation has undoubtedly managed, together with the other parties, to consolidate all of the main elements which should determine and define the future relationships, and in the first place, establish a full and final peace. "I want to say that it was undoubtedly seen in the example of these peace negotiations that all peace forces in the territory of the former Yugoslavia and all peace forces of the world today, including - I feel that it must be said - the crucial role played by the host country, the United States of America - managed thus united to arrest the long, very tragic war which has been raging in the region", said President Milosevic. "Such peace forces include all of those who had been consistently advocating - in all parts of Yugoslavia and here in Belgrade - from the very beginning of the Yugoslav crisis and from the very outbreak of the conflicts, a negotiated settlement of the crisis, and who when the hostilities began, saw peace as the only way out, certainly not military clashes", stressed the head of the Yugoslav negotiating delegation. President Milosevic said that all of them should feel that they deserve credit for the peace achieved at the negotiations in Dayton. "It is now time for our whole country and the region as a whole to concentrate on economic recovery, risen living standards, cultural development, opening up and integration into Europe and the world. I'm sure that our country and all of its citizens will take the advantages they have, the chances and opportunities at their disposal, for the good of all citizens of this country, and in the interest of all countries and peoples of this region", said President Milosevic. TANJUG