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Keraterm Personnel, Eyewitness Descriptions

May-August 92: A 44-year-old Bosnian Muslim from Prijedor, Bosnia, gave the following report based on his personal experience as an inmate, at the Keraterm prisoner camp, from May to August 1992. Keraterm camp was commanded by a 32-year-old Serbian male from Prijedor who had previously been employed at the Celuloz Paper Mill. The guard who first checked arriving prisoners at the camp was almost always a brutal 22-year-old man known only as "the cook" because of his previous occupation at a restaurant in the Sarajevo Agricultural Bank building in Prijedor. He routinely stripped incoming prisoners of their jewelry and money beating them with metal pipes or thick wooden sticks, often breaking bones. He also personally participated in the mass execution of nearly 400 men in the prisoner's courtyard in the early morning hours of July 19, 1992. Also notorious for his brutality in the greater Prijedor area and the most-feared man at the Keraterm was a taxi cab driver who drove a beige colored Polish PZ125 taxi with Prijedor registration. Though not assigned to Keraterm prison, he freely participated in beatings, shootings, and the fatal torture of prisoners from the day Keraterm opened until its closure.