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Radovan Karadzic Encarta Encyclopedia Entry

Karadzic, Radovan (1945- ), leader of the Bosnian Serbs, who
fought the mainly Muslim government in the former Yugoslav
republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995. Karadzic
was born in Petnijca. In 1991, as founder and president of the
Serbian Democratic Party, Karadzic warned that if Bosnia and
Herzegovina declared independence from Yugoslavia, Bosnian
Serbs would secede and seek union with Serbia. In 1992 civil
war erupted after the republic's electorate voted for
independence. By December Serbs had seized about 70 percent of
Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Karadzic was acting as president of
the self-proclaimed Serb Republic within Bosnia. In 1995
Karadzic was indicted by an international war crimes tribunal
for the massacre of Muslim and Croat civilians during the war.
The 1995 Dayton peace accord partitioned Bosnia and Herzegovina
into Serb and Muslim-Croat areas and brought the war in Bosnia
to an end. Despite his indictment, Karadzic remained in power
in the Serb republic. By early 1996 his popularity among
Bosnian Serbs had declined dramatically. By the terms of the
Dayton accord, Karadzic was not permitted to run in the 1996
Bosnian elections.