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Source: The Coalition for International Justice

The Coalition for International Justice, a non-profit organization
based in Washington, D.C. and The Hague, works to support the
International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)
and Rwanda (ICTR). Members of the Coalition include leading
international human rights groups, lawyers' groups and individuals
active in the international community.

Wanted by the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia

Radovan Karadzic
President of the Serbian Democratic Party of BiH.

Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic, Bosnian Serb leader and Army Commander, were charged on Nov 16, 1995, with Radovan Karadzic genocide for killing of up to 6,000 Moslems in Srebrenica in July 1995. They were also charged separately in July 24, 1995, for siege of Sarajevo and use of UN peacekeeping soldiers as hostages.

Indictment Information
Indictment of Karadzic and Mladic - November 16, 1995 available soon.
Indictment of Karadzic and Mladic - July 24, 1995.

Location Information
Pale house -- large house on a mountainside -- pointed out to Prof. Charles Ingrao on trip to Pale (New York Times, Oct. 28,1996).

Karadzic reportedly owns a gas station called "Sincop" in Banja Luka. The man who runs it for him is named Slavko Roguljic. Karadzic is also building a house in Koljani village near Banja Luka.

"Makes little effort to conceal his daily movements''
(Associated Press, Nov. 9, 1996).

Karadzic lives less than a kilometer from SFOR troops. He is described as "a creature of habit." UN sources say that he travels regularly between his home and his office (Industry of Vehicles in Famos) in a limousine. ("NATO bid to capture Karadzic" by Chris Stephen in Agence France Presse. May 20, 1997 and The Associated Press May 25, 1997).

The Office of Carl Bilt has "hard evidence" that Radovan Karadzic holds meetings with Momcilo, Krajisnik at Karadzic's house in Pale. (From interview with Colum Murphy, spokesperson for Carl Bilt, BiHTV News Summary 27 May, 1997 and BBC Summary of World Broadcasts, June 21, 1997).