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Source: SARAJEVO, June 28, 1996, SRNA News

Doctor Radovan Karadzic


"The international community is offered reconciliation by us, but the same without further humiliation of the Serbian people and endangering of their interests," stated the president of Republika Srpska (RS) Radovan Karadzic in his statement at the Serbian Democratic Party for All Serbian Lands (SDS SZ) Assembly session, being held in Pale.

The RS president and SDS president Radovan Karadzic stressed that "people and their state are above all", adding that RS can find itself among "the most stable and most prosperous states in the region, without abandoning its hopes and intentions for unification with other Serbian states."

"Our achievements are great, victims are enormous, and goals sacred. The fate of this generation of Serbs is the fate of the great ones, and it should be followed bravely and deservingly, like the God's Will is being awaited and accepted", stated Dr. Karadzic.

While referring to the creation and the activity of the SDS SZ, the president emphasised that it came "as a response to Fascist and fundamentalist threats to the Serbian people."

"The recognisable Fascist symbols needed to appear in Croatia and the symbols of Islamic fundamentalism in Bosnia, and the flags of the allies from Second World War needed to be tied and threat with repeated genocide against the Serbs, and only then our people woke up from lethargy and endeavoured for their salvation.

"The new force which emerged as a response to the Fascist and fundamentalist threats to the Serbian people, was represented in the SDS", said Karadzic.
While speaking of "six years of political and four years of military struggle to halt the processes of division and demise of the Serbian nation in the region".

The president assessed that "the people created the Party, recognising the old symbols and rhetorics, flags and ideas because of which over 700,000 innocent Serb civilians lost their lives in concentration camps".

According to him, those devoted to the creation and defence of RS will benefit from its creation and recognised rights. Those are: "Soldiers, families of killed soldiers, disabled veterans and other war victims, pensioners, workers, physicians and other medical staff, all those who stayed here to share the fate of the people and defend the young Serbian state".

"We succeeded, and we continue to follow our course. The people and their state are above all, they are above us, and we will serve to our people in a way that Lord Jesus Christ stated in Gospel: "And those who want to be the first among you, to serve you..", as was repeated by the SDS founder, late Jovan Raskovic.