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Source: BosNews, Wed, 30 Aug 1995

Karadzic's Message to Jimmy Carter

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter who recently played a highly controversial role in the Bosnian conflict received a "statement" from nationalist Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic. According to Carter, Karadzic - also indicted on war criminal charges, advocates the resumption of peace talks and "sets forth a basis for his willingness to accept the U.S. peace initiative" as soon as an agreement is reached.

"This is an important statement which I have already shared with the U.S. government... As the recent tragic attack on Sarajevo has demonstrated, peace will not come easily, but there is good reason to take Karadzic's statement and put it to the test, and to seek comparable efforts from all the other parties involved, to move rapidly to talks," Carter said.

In addition, Karadzic allegedly acknowledges that any future Bosnian entity would enjoy "the full range of human rights and fundamental freedoms" including the right for refugees to return to their homeland.

While the alleged war criminal Karadzic has some serious credibility problems, statements of this nature also question the necessity of nationalist Serb aggression, and ethnic cleansing, which has been taking place in BiH for over three years. Carter asked that Karadzic's statement be put to the test. "He has been completely stubborn since last December in his unwillingness to 'accept' the peace proposal as a basis for negotiation, and now he has agreed to accept it."