Press Release - 27 January 1995
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The Hague, 27 January 1995


Justice Goldstone, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, announced today the appointment of two senior prosecutors, Eric Ostberg from Sweden and Minna Schrag from the United States. Together with Grant Niemann from Australia, Mr. Ostberg and Ms. Schrag will form the Prosecution Section: they will present evidence and argue legal points to the judges of the Tribunal.

Before coming to the Tribunal in July, Mr. Niemann was the Deputy Director of Public Prosecution for South Australia in Adelaide. Mr. Ostberg has recently been the Director of the Public Prosecution Authority for Special Cases and chief of the Prosecutor-Generalís Bank and Finance Group in Stockholm. Ms. Schrag, who since July has been advising the Investigation Section of the Office of the Prosecutor, has served as an Assistant United States Attorney and is a partner (on leave) at a large law firm in New York.

Justice Goldstone said: "With these appointments the Tribunal has a full complement of senior trial lawyers to present and argue cases in a court of law against those responsible for serious war crimes. I am delighted to have three senior prosecutors on my staff who have such depth and variety of experience".


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