by Jane Wiebe

        On a most recent trip to Sarajevo, Bosnia I was introduced to a young 17-year-old Bosnian teenager named Aldin.  Meeting him was quite by accident although nothing about my trip to Bosnia was an "accident."  God was directly involved in this "mission of mercy" to help 5 Bosnian families who had been ravaged by the war.  Aldin's great-uncle came to me after I had been there about 2 weeks.  He asked if I might go meet Aldin as he felt sure God had sent me to Bosnia as an answer to his prayers.  You see, Aldin has Hodgkin's Disease.  There is no help for him in Bosnia.  Doctors have told his family that if Aldin doesn't get out of Bosnia and to America that he will not live.  Here I was, a woman from America.  They thought I might be their answer to their most desperate situation.  I spent several hours with Aldin and upon leaving his destroyed apartment building I wept in the street.  I have a 17-year-old son.  By what good fortune was my son healthy, and provided for in every way at home?  I could not get over this meeting.  Aldin could have been mine.  What would I be going through if I were his mother?

        I left Bosnia and headed for home to Madera, California.  My trip was an incredible experience but this story is Aldin's.  I shared with my husband about Aldin the moment I arrived.  He too, was moved even though he had not had the privilege of meeting Aldin in person.  My husband is a cancer survivor and is very compassionate to others with the disease.  He said we are not going to stop until we help this boy.  And we have done just that.  Miracle after miracle has happened in the process of finding help for Aldin.  An oncologist in Fresno, California, has agreed to provide his service for free. A man whom we haven't met in person has offered to pay for Aldin's very costly treatments.  We will house and care for Aldin in our home along with our other three teenagers.  Our only hurdle now is getting Aldin here to America.  Won't you pray for another miracle in that the immigration process will be accomplished?  It is very complicated and timely and Aldin doesn't have a lot of time.

        Can we save Aldin?  No, but God can.  God has already shown that He has a very special plan for this young man.  He has caused our paths to intersect and is going to such a far-reaching extent to save this life.  Aldin, as all people, are precious but something is very special about this boy, I am convinced.  God most always chooses to use people to accomplish His plans.  How might you help?

--written by

Jane Wiebe

For the sequel to this article see Part II.

August 3, 1997, Madera, California
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