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Source: (Archmandrite Simeon Biberdzic, Monastery of Ostrog) from the FIFTH REPORT ON WAR CRIMES IN THE FORMER YUGOSLAVIA

Dretelj Camp (HOS-run)

May-August 92:
A 36-year-old Serbian medical doctor was arrested on May 5 by
Paraga's Black Shirts (HOS) in Capljina. She was taken to Dretelj,
a fuel storage garrison transformed into a detention facility for
64 female and 100 male detainees, where she witnessed torture and
could identify some of the perpetrators.

All men were mercilessly beaten at arrival and during all
interrogations. There were hit with hands, feet, nightsticks,
two-by-fours and rifle butts. They were slashed with knives and
degraded in every conceivable manner.

(An) owner of several catering establishments, heavily
over-weight, was supposed to be transferred to another prison but
was not because he literally could not be moved: he was so badly

(Another) received about 50 blows to his head, which was badly
gashed. Female fighters assisted in the beating by kicking him.

During interrogation ... prisoners would be slapped, the tips of
their fingers would be cut off, their fingers would be crushed.

Needles were driven under my nails, I was cut with a 'kama' over
the face and breasts. The treatment of women was in no way less
inhuman than that of men. On the contrary several women were
raped, even some very old ones.