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From: Ewen Allison, Monday, May 4, 1998:
"Btw, I'm involved in a new group, the Crimes of War Project, which will put up its own webpage in a few months. For the moment all our energies are consumed with putting out a journalist's guide to humanitarian law. We'll probably have more to offer then."

"In the meantime, I'd be happy to discuss any and all parts of humanitarian law with anyone interested in that subject." Best regards, Ewen Allison
EDITORS NOTE: Readers with questions about the Tribunals (ICTY or ICTR) or humanitarian law will find Ewenan expert in these areas. After several years doing legal research under the auspices of American University's Washington College of Law for the Office of the Prosecutor, Ewen is researching, contributing to, and advising on the journalists' guidebook to humanitarian law.

EDITORS FOOTNOTE TO ABOVE NOTE: Ewen got me thinking about the international law aspect of the whole wartime Bosnia issue, and I dug up a couple books from my library I can recommend. The first is called Balkan Justice: The Story Behind the First War Crimes Trial Since Nuremberg, by Michael P. Scharf. It's a good read about the Dusko Tadic trial. You could supplement this by printing out some of the trial transcript from the Net to get more detail on the trial too.
The other book is The Prosecution of International Crimes: A Critical Study of the International Tribunal For the Former Yugoslavia. A little more legalistic a read, but still well within the bounds of a reasonably literate non-lawyer. It's a compilation of essays which appeared in a special issue of Criminal Law Forum: An International Journal.
The only caveat with this book is I think it carries a price tag of around $50!

Readers interested in the international law ramifications of the Bosnian war will be pleased to hear that I'm trying to get Unconquered Bosnia an interview with Professor Cherif Bassiouni. I find the whole IHRLI angle endlessly fascinating.