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Monday Dec. 19 1994: The U.N. reported that Bihac was hit with two 120mm mortar shells Monday. Two civilians were reported wounded, the U.N. said.

Bihac offensive makes U.N. skeptical of Serb calls for peace:
SARAJEVO, Tuesday, Dec. 20 1994 (OSLOBODJENJE AGENCY - ONASA): The United Nations is skeptical of the Bosnian Serbs' calls for peace because of the fighting around Bihac, a Moslem enclave in northwest Bosnia, a U.N. spokesman said Tuesday.

"The situation in Bihac pocket does not show that the Serbs are for peace and global cease fire in Bosnia," Alexander Ivanko said Tuesday.

He said that Monday, the day that Serb leaders in Pale outlined their peace initiate for former U.S. president Jimmy Carter, "was for sure the worst day in Bihac by now."

According to U.N., fighting in Bihac swells every afternoon after a relatively calm morning.

"This is a long time pattern," said Ivanko.

The U.N. would believe that the Serbs are for peace if the situation in Bihac does not deteriorate Tuesday afternoon, he said.