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Source: International Peacekeeping New Issue No. 6 - February 1995, INTER PRESS SERVICE INTERNATIONAL NEWS

Tuesday January 31, 1995
Bosnian commander refuses to meet counterparts:
Commander-in-Chief of the Bosnian armed forces Rasim Delic has turned down an invitation from the UN Force Commander, Lt-General Rupert Smith, to meet with his Serb and Croat counterparts. Delic said that he couldn't accept the invitation because neither UNPROFOR or the Serbs had honoured their cease-fire commitments. He complained that the "attacks on Bihac have never stopped, foreign troops have not pulled out of the territory of Bosnia-Hercegovina, humanitarian routes have not been opened, [and] the evacuation of sick people has not happened". Delic also claimed that there were between 3,000 and 5,000 troops from Serbia, eastern Slavonia and Krajina fighting in special Serb units in Bihac.